Back in the day when…

Sometimes you hear someone say: “Back in the day when…” followed by something he/she remembers. And you try to think back when that was, if you remember it aswell. Or you frown because it was something before your time.

I got inspired for this post by a tweet Micky send out yesterday. She wrote: I have been playing since a little while before U11. What about u? #ddo To which i replied: 19 september 2009, at least that’s the date i joined the forums, but i usualy do all at once so must be my 1st day playing #DDO

I can refer back in dates, but i’m terrible when it comes to Updates. Like Micky said she started playing just before U11. U11…….when was that again and what was the update about? I can’t remember. If someone would say he/she started beginning 2011 i can compare it to my own date and have a clue.
Or if someone would say “when Gianthold got released”, or “when airships made it into DDO”. When was that? I don’t know.
I know if i was playing DDO allready or not, but i can’t put a date to it. Not even in years.

So that made me look up all the release notes on Modules* and Updates i could find on the DDO website. I’ve listed everything in a sheet** with dates and noticable changes so i have an easy reference to the changes to the game and the dates. To me it’s fun reading back on changes that happened, that i went through, that the game has undergone. Some changes long forgotten allready because the change was GOOD (looking at you leveling sigils***). Some changes so common now you can’t imagen there was a time it wasn’t in the game (looking at you Guild Renown and Airships).

* When DDO first got released in 2006 they named updates to the game Modules. After the F2P release in 2009 they changed that into Updates.
** Have you forgotten i am a sheet person? I love putting stuff in sheets to organize chaos 😉
*** In the beginning in DDO you needed leveling sigils to be able to advance  beyond hard set levels. If i remember correctly i only needed 1 bronze sigil before Turbine removed them from the game.

Below i’ll put up the list so you can track back updates and changes and see if you remember them aswell.
I would love to hear what you all think about being good and not so good (putting it mildly) changes done to the game.

And to restate Micki’s question: When did you start playing DDO?

Ofcourse i won’t forgot the treats, it’s my 4th anniversary in DDO after all! Cheers 🙂
4 jaar cookies

module/update date noticable changes
M0 P1 14-3-2006 Founders Helm
M0 P2 22-3-2006
M0 P3 30-3-2006
M1 VON; weapon set shortcuts
M1 P2 12-4-2006
M1 P3 19-4-2006
M1 P4 10-5-2006
M1 P5 14-6-2006 solo content
M2 12-7-2006 The Twilight Forge (Restless Isles); Drow; Mail; Patron Favor
Stormreach under Seige 18-9-2006 Cult of Madness in WW
M2 P1 23-10-2006
M3 25-10-2006 Demon Sands; level cap 12; PVP; AH; Feat Respec
M3 P0 15-11-2006
M3 P1 13-12-2006 Festival Jester; several Delera’s Graveyard Quests
M3 P2 23-1-2007 Litany ot Dead part 2: shadow tombs +crypt
M4 12-4-2007 Reaver’s Bane (Gianthold); level cap 14; SRE all wildernesses; Risia Preview Server
M5 27-9-2007 Accursed Ascension (Black Abbot)
M6 The Thirtheenth Eclipse; level cap 16
M7 3-6-2008 Market Place Tent destroyed; 2 raids Suulo and Xizzy; Monk
M7 P1 2-7-2008
M7 P2 20-8-2008
M8 29-10-2008 Korthos Island; Siber Attol
M8 P1 11-11-2008
M8 P2 10-12-2008
M8 P3 20-1-2009
U0 31-8-2009 F2P; DDO Store; level cap 20; FvS; Devils of Shavarat; Sharn Syndicate; Cerulean Hills; Difficulty Scaling; Mantel ot Worldshaper
U0 P1 17-9-2009
U0 P2 1-10-2009
U1 28-10-2009 Path of Inspiration; 32 point builds; Epic Dungeons; Veteran Status
U1 P1 16-11-2009 TR; Hireling Folders;
U2 16-12-2009 Dreaming Dark
U3 No level sigils required; 4 new quests The Twelve; Casual Difficulty; Epic VON; LR/GR
U3 P1 17-2-2010 4th Bday
U4 5-4-2010 Sentinels
U5 28-6-2010 Guild Renown-airship; Phiarlan Carnival
U5 P1 21-7-2010
U6 17-8-2010 Red Fens
U7 20-10-2010 Horc/Helf; Deception in Stormreach (Lordsmarch Plaza); Chronoscope Raid; Mabar
U7 P1 10-11-2010
U8 13-12-2010 Risia Ice Games; Attack on Stormreach; Cookie Jar
5th Bday Crystal Cove
U8 P2 14-3-2011 Localization: French en German
U8 P3 30-3-2011
U9 P1 16-5-2011 Cannith Crafting; Harbinger of Madness
U10 20-6-2011 Reign of Madness
U10 P1 11-7-2011
U10 P2 25-7-2011
U11 P1 12-10-2011 Artificer; House Cannith
U12 9-11-2011 Challenges; Shared Plat Bank
U12 P1 7-12-2011
U12 P2 14-12-2011
U12 P3 25-1-2012
U13 27-2-2012 Web of Chaos; 6th Bday; Vet status 7
U13 P1 2-4-2012
U13 P2 2-5-2012
U14 25-6-2012 Menace of the Underdark; Level cap 25; Epic Destinies; Druid
U14 P1 11-7-2012 Caught in the Web raid
U14 P2 26-7-2012
U15 20-8-2012 Song of Druid’s Deep; Monster Manual
U15 P1 12-9-2012
U15 P2 10-10-2012
U16 12-11-2012 Netherese Legacy/High road of Shadows; Orbs
U16 P1 14-12-2012
U17 19-2-2013 Epic GH; MM II; Augments
U17 P1 18-3-2013 Shard Exchange; Daily Dice; VIP XP Bonus
U18 22-5-2013 Disciples of Shadow (2 Wheloon quests); Iconic Heroes; Skill Tomes
U18 P1 30-5-2013
U18 P2 24-6-2013 VIP weekly gold roll
U18 P3
U19 19-8-2013 Shadowfell Conspiracy/ Wheloon City + Storm Horns; Enhencement Revamp; Sagas; Hall of Heroes; Level cap 28; Chest Reroll
U19 P1 29-8-2013

Notes to the above list:

  • M0 P1 stands for Module 0 Patch 1
  • U11 stands for Update 11
  • Some release notes didn’t have a date on them
  • Most patches didn’t have any new changes, just patches to the latest updates and/or hotfixes and/or bugfixes