14 days and the Daily Dice

When the Daily Dice made their appearence into DDO i have mixed feelings about them. But i think i’m leaning towards like mostly, because hey, it’s free and it gives goodies! From day 1 on i decided to keep track of my rolls and winnings, so here comes my list: Day – roll – reward … Continue reading

My own little corner

With all this talking on twitter and the soon to be dead MyDDO, i’ve decided to export my current MyDDO page to a newly created WordPress site: Mari’s Madness. Not that it will increase the amount of blogs i’ll post, but just in case i feel like posting something i have this corner to vent … Continue reading

Random Pictures

I’m one who takes lot’s of screenshots ingame. Mostly to never watch them, or maybe once in a while go through my collection of ever growing DDO pictures. So i thought it’s time to share some of the pictures.

LR-ing my main

So when i logged on the other day my guildie known as Mark was on. We talked about the plans for that day (He and other guildie Flame both TR-ed a few weeks ago and are running Sorc lives now, lvl 14/15). Gianthold (and some other quests i can’t remember) are on their scedule, but … Continue reading