This is a place where i can share ramblings and thoughts about DDO and sometimes other stuff that have my interest.

I’m the guildleader of The Thieves Guild on Argonnessen, although it’s only a way to weild girlpower 😉 the officers and other guildmembers are precious to me and the guild.

I have several characters i play, some more then others.
When i log on i check what others are running or would like to run and bring the char most suitable for the case.

In no specific order they are:

Ekei – 2nd lifer, currently wiz-rog

Marikei – 1st lifer, epic FvS

Twinkei – 2nd lifer, currently druid

Marilei – 1st lifer, rogue

Maridei – 1st lifer, cleric

Marimei – 1st lifer, cleric

Marei – bankmule


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