non-DDO related update: Crap week at January continues…

It has been a while since I tweeted about a crap week at work.
Today I can finally give an update: Crap turns into Shit.

The merge of companies I talked about back then is still not final, but the building we are located at has been rent out to another company, meaning we have to leave this building mid next week.

2 weeks ago we were informed about this sudden change and I was told to continue my job (24hrs per week) at the new location, 100km travel distance from my home. 4 days a week I would need to travel 200km per day, with an average travel time of 2,5 hours per day. Without traffic jam delays which would happen most certainly because I have to cross the heart of highways to get to the new location.
I immediately informed my supervisor I was unhappy about this and couldn’t see a way to make it happen. Too much time (I have 2 kids to take care off as well), too much car cost (I haven’t won the lottery yet) with too little gain. I could get a small financial compensation, but that was just enough for the first year, all the years after that I would fall short financially.

My supervisor discussed my problems with the director, hoping to find a more suiting solution for me. Something along the lines of 2 day travel to the new office, 2 days working at another nearby location. But with the merge still in the works the director wouldn’t give in and kept to his demand.
I again appealed against it, but with the risk of having no job and no income at all, I told them I would never quit myself but would be very unhappy if I had to stay.

2 nerve wrecking, dramaticly emotional weeks have passed; yesterday I signed an agreement to end the job contract after 18 years of loyalty.
Needless to say I’m heartbroken to be forced to do this, but I can’t see a future for me at my current job under the current conditions.

Because I have a history of 18 years for the same employer my processing time is 4 months.
For 2 months I need to keep working, the last 2 months I’m granted to stay at home with income.
And from October 1st: ……………. It’s still a blanc page………..
But I know the toughest part will be saying goodbye to all my colleagues when my time is done in July.