Ponderings about myself and my chars Post U19

Since the beginning of 2013 i’ve had a rather huge DDO dip. Those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen some whining from me there.
For some months i didn’t log on as often as before, and i kept pondering what it was that took away most of the fun that kept me from playing/logging in.
It was also the time that the release of Neverwinter was announced and had my attention from the start.
But i couldn’t nail the lack of interest in DDO down to one thing. I think it was a combination of several:

* I need refreshment (as in something new/changed) pretty regulary to keep my attention going. I’m eager, i want to learn, explore, develop. Once something reaches the endstation it starts to get boring. And for me, i had reached endstation in DDO. I didn’t have anything new to learn, had seen most (if not all) quests, had a char at lvl 25 and several other chars to poke around with. I’m not fanatic to want to become better in gear, soloing epics (i hate soloing!) or defeating EE content. I can do with whatever is available and be satified with that.

* Because our guild in DDO (The Thieves Guild on Argo = Best guild i’ve ever been in!) isn’t that huge, the loss of some regular members was felt immediately. Usualy we had like 6-10 players on most evenings, it dropped down to about 2-4 at the lowest point. But we did manage to keep the quality up, very good, friendly, amazing guildies who sticked around. Even when i hadn’t logged in for a month *shame* they were still there.

*i’m a very casual player. I don’t want to be the best, the first, with the best uberloot. I just want to have fun with whatever is being done at the moment. Lowbie, epics, raids, i have nothing planned and just go with the flow. I tried to make plans for my chars, TR and get it back up, leveling some other chars. But my playtime is limited compared to the most average player. So i would be left behind pretty soon if i went into a TR cycle with guildies.
But some guildies do have plans, zerging the TR train over and over. And i don’t blame them for that, it’s just something i can’t keep up with. It’s not my style. And before the summerholidays they were in a TR high-speed train…

*Neverwinter got released. I was very eager to get into that, learn new things, see new stuff, get a brand new game into my system. And i enjoyed it very much. Neverwinter is very newb friendly so i was pretty easily picking up the game. I started with several guildies and found some new friends there too. But as the game progressed, more and more friends dropped. Now it’s down to just me and a new play-friend i’ve met in Neverwinter.
With my casual playstyle it took me some weeks to cap my first char there (yes, progressing is much faster in Neverwinter as in DDO). And within a few months i had seen most every quest and area, learned most i needed to know about my chars, and didn’t have many friends to have fun with ingame. A few weeks back i’d reached the point to only log in to do a “Bonnie” and maybe some PvP if i had enough time. Now i haven’t even logged on there for a week or so. My friend over there got called away to her family so i  don’t feel ‘obligated’ to log in. Nor do i feel the need…


U19 got released to DDO!

When U19 was still in development (talking enhencement pass here) and on Lamm, i hadn’t bothered with it much. I’d read some forum posts every now and then but didn’t dig into it. It would fall upon me when it would be opened to live.

Slowly i felt my DDO fire lighting up again. There was something new to learn (enhencement pass), new to discover (Wheloon and Storm Horns) and the guildies slowed down the TR progress. They got fedd up with the ‘need’ to get so and so xp per day, repeating the high xp quests x many times to get the most buck out of it.

And so the first time i logged into DDO after i downloaded U19, i had this list of chars that needed rebuilding. Some more desperate then others. I gave myself the time to scan the forums carefully about everyones ideas about what to pick and what not. Looking for new builds i could work with.
At first i felt overwhelmed. So much to do, to think about, i didn’t know where to start.
So i started with adding the enhencements to my lvl 25 FvS by guts feeling just so i could explore the Storm Horns (after i bought the Xpack for TP ofcourse). And darn….that was an amazing area, wonderfull details, i had awwwws and chills again, camera around my pixel-neck to get screenshots.

I had fun again, twas a while ago (Rift between Worlds and first weeks of Eveningstar) since i last had that feeling.

And so i took my time to read and think about my chars, writing stuff down to get all this info a bit sorted.
Result: 1 char +20LRed and rebuilt, 2 chars quickly enhenced, 6 to go to carefully rebuild.

I am a systematic person, i love lists and sheets to have a quick overlook about stuff i’m working on.
So i have made a sheet with my chars with their details: previous class, desired new class, specifics and opinions.
It is mostly for my own reference to keep myself sane and organized, but if you have any comments that can help me decide i’d love to hear them!

Char – name – race – summits previous build – lvl  desired build specifics opinion
 Ekei – Elf
Pastlife cleric
 wiz-rog 16-2  wiz-rog 16-2 AM – conjuration school bc of cleric pastlife, evasion, reflexes and skills/gear for traps  love arcane casting, and even get to do traps! Never played a full wiz so i can’t compare them but i’m liking this one. New top-end traps seem to be harder so not sure if it’s still viable for new endgame
 Marei – Halfling
currently bankmule bc 1st char i ever rolled hence utterly gimped 
 rogue 15  rogue 15 or ??  dex based assassin  not sure if i want to have 2 rogues, i would build them both dex/int assassin.
Maybe bard or monk??
 Maridei – Human   clc-mnk 12-2  cleric 14 necro casting healer  didn’t like the clonk (wan’t hitting hard enough, couldn’t offensive cast enough), this one is rebuilt and regeared as best as i could
 Marikei – Human  FvS 25  FvS 25 Love it – keep it  need to check enhencements for this one, maybe even +20LR to rebuild for better stats (bit more STR to hit better?)
 Marilei – Drow  rogue 17  rogue 17 or ??  dex based assassin  with 2 current rogues i don’t think i want to keep 2 rogues, but i don’t have a clue what else to build. Have a build ready in Ron’s tho so i can start this one
 Marimei  -Human  cleric 19  cleric 19  RS – light based one can’t have enough divines, gonna try different tree as my other, not sure if RS or Protector
 Twinkei  -Human
pastlife Barb 
 druid 9  druid 9  caster specced  i just like the druid but she doesn’t get enough playtime. just need buildcheck and enhencements

Some things that i learned from the past:
I don’t like plain melee (barb, fighter) Tried it, hated it. So those aren’t an option for me.
I love casters, divine, arcane, just love em.
I’m hesitant to multi-class, tried twice, failed once.
Thinking about monk or bard. Monk i tried with my clonk, could be fun but in the clonk it wasn’t cutting it for me.
Bard seems fun but i’m dreading it a little. All they do is sing songs when zoning in, then off melee-ing. So if i would go bard it must be different then that.
I don’t have artificer, it does seem to be a fun class. But no option for now.
Sorcerer seems nice, but i don’t have warforged
Paladin. meh. Somehow i’m not attracted to it. Too much melee i guess/think
I don’t have helf and horc, or iconics (except for the PDK fighter that came with the Xpack).

Well, i think this is enough for now. So much to do, so little time……i’ll leave you with some screenshots i took in Storm Horns 🙂

ScreenShot00759 ScreenShot00748 ScreenShot00743 ScreenShot00739 ScreenShot00737