When I logged into DDO the other week I found 3 guildies getting ready for A Relic Of A Sovereign Past on their lvl 14 TR’s (a bard, a monk and a wiz). Luckily I got asked to join them on my gimpy 1st life clonk. They put up an LFM for the last 2 spots and we got joined by 2 arties. Perfect!

Getting myself buffed up on the ship and heading out to the Anvil Forest in House K it suddenly strikes me: Anvil Forest, my ultimate favorite quest is there! I have to ask this group if they wanna join me in that quest. It’s such an awesome quest but hardly get’s any playtime because it’s a very slow quest. More about that later on but first lemme finish about the Relic quest.

It went very smooth, we had fun, chitchatted while fighting and running and before we know we’re at the end boss. We try to diplo him but fail, no worries, we just kill him then. 12k xp in the pocket, time to ask THE question.

“Guys, Made To Order is here as well and around the same lvl, would you mind giving that one a try with me?”  “Oh sure, we can do that, we’re only a little over level but that’s no problem.”


One of the arties has to leave, so we have room for another guildie. 5 of us and a pugger who seems to be enjoying the casual style we’re putting forth.

I haven’t ran MTO for a long while, mostly because it’s such a specific quest where you need a trapper and people who are willing to listen and DON’T ZERG.

MTO is the ultimate NO ZERG quest, it’s awesome. If you haven’t run that quest yet: I’ll try not to spoil too much, and you should give that quest a try!
Minor spoiler: This quest is planted with traps, think Undermine but differently.

At the entrance I try to warn the party. DON’T ZERG, keep with the group. Let the arti go first to detect, locate and disable the traps, when he says clear you can go. Don’t go with the arti. Stay back. Wait h…..


“Okay, whomever that was, that’s not how we’re supposed to do it. We’re just at the beginning so let’s recall, rebuff and restart.”

Take 2: At the entrance I try to warn the party. DON’T ZERG, keep with the group. Let the arti go first to detect, locate and disable the traps, when he says clear you can go. Don’t go with the arti. Stay back. Wait h…..


Ok, I exaggerated that a bit, but I think the trapper died about 10 times and I had 4 deaths, the others had deaths as well but I stopped counting. Only one or two tunnels in.  After death number toomany I released. “Did you just recall Ekei?”  “Why yes I did. This is awful guys. I have too many death penalties, no buffs and no sp.” “ Oh……ok, let’s all recall, rebuff and restart then.” I think they got the clue now: DON’T ZERG!
Stay behind the trapper, let him do his job and when clear you can go kill.

And low and behold, it seems to be working now. Surely the trapper still dies a few times. Being an arti it’s rough dancing between the traps trying to disarm them. But the group knows the drill now and we slowly work our way up to Arnold’s chamber. I love how the devs named the boss ARN-01D. After Arnold Schwarzenegger. Too funny.
In my younger days I used the tactic of pulling Arnold back to the rails instead of fighting him in his room. So I ask this group where to fight him. No discussion from my guildies: in his room! He’ll be dead before he even blinks. Lol. And so it happens, very easy end fight. Not like in my early DDO career when this could be a killer after struggling through all those trapped tunnels for hours.

We go through the 10 sealed doors to reach Haywire. The chicken hiding there in his room. We’ve gone through all this so give us your loot and xp! That’s another 9k xp and my ultimate favorite quest finished. Woot!

MTO: Made To Order. Or Might Trap Others, as my guildies tried to get each other killed in the traps. It was fun and I hope they didn’t mind me being bossy. I wanted that quest done properly!


5 thoughts on “DDO – MTO

  1. XD teehee. But, but, evasion? 😛 It’s fun zerging through the traps. And I didn’t even die. Of course, remember to tell the healer, stay back. Ding!. Traps. Ding! 🙂 The worst bit is when u’re running a toon that can’t evade, and someone gets YOU blown up, because you happened to be standing, not close to the trap, but close enough for the explosion to reach u.

  2. I find the duergar casters more threathening than the traps, specially if I let them cast light spells on me while I’m on undead form :p

  3. 🙂 yep i like made to order, must be tough being a trapper with no evasion

    Had some fun times there, one guy just didnt understand there were landmines everywhere! ding! ding! ding! 😛

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