LR-ing my main

So when i logged on the other day my guildie known as Mark was on. We talked about the plans for that day (He and other guildie Flame both TR-ed a few weeks ago and are running Sorc lives now, lvl 14/15).
Gianthold (and some other quests i can’t remember) are on their scedule, but we’d needed a rogue for the traps. The Thieves Guild don’t have a rogue! Well, we do have em, but not someone who’s online when we run and at that level. So i thought: With so many arcanes running at the same level, why hadn’t anyone thought to make an arcane-rogue splash?

And that’s when it hit me: I have the Wiz, Ekei! I can do that!! I even have a rogue who has some rogue gear in the bank stuffed for later use. Ekei even has a +1 Lesser HoW in the bank!!!
So i talked it over with Mark and Flame, thinking about the build, what’s needed and what wiz-pre to go (Ekei started her 2nd life as a PM, and at lvl 12 i took her 1st form: Wraith. I ran the Caravan-Desert quest in wraith-form with Mark’s and Flame’s sorcs but didn’t like it. I couldn’t use my pocket hire to heal me, incoming damage was larger then i could heal with death aura and burst. It just felt so meh).

The plan was solid:  Use the +1 Lesser HoW to change the 1st lvl of wiz into rogue. Get to lvl 13 to grab the 2nd lvl of rogue. With 2 rogue lvls the evasion should be good enough to get her through traps (combined with the Feat Insightfull Reflexes).

So i took Ekei and went up to Kruz in House J. I made sure to pick the “I want to use my HoW and NOT the free i still have” option and logged off to start the LR process.
Logged Ekei back on by clicking the REINCARNATE option and started to click…click….click…no, i want to start my 1st lvl as a rogue, not a wiz. ROGUE. I SAID I WANTED TO USE MY +1 HoW, GIMME THAT 1ST LVL OF ROGUE!!!! uhhohhh…What happend? Did i make the mistake to pick the Free option? Was i able to stop the process before i would mess this up completely?

I asked my guru folks on twitter, but noone knew for sure, i checked the wiki…nope. Googled it and: Yay for Compendium!
You may also exit out of the character generation screen as well if you change your mind during the process.
Oh goodies, i can step out now and get back ingame to ask my guildies. I think it was Flame who said that i might have accidentily picked the Free option so i felt so stupid for not being more carefull. I wanted to save the Free LR in case i would mess something up big time. Later. Not now.
Talk to Kruz again but he refused to talk to me, he had allready send my LR request to the Reincarnation Gods……

Later on at Twitter, @Jafsup says it’s not my mistake, the game let’s you take the Free LR first…..

Allright, nothing else i could change, back to LR my wiz, get her ready for the +1 LR afterwards. Just before i logged off to restart the LR Flame also said, try to speed it up, doesn’t mind what you take now as you’ll be doing the +1 LR right after it.
Okay, i’ll do my best to speed it up as much as i can. don’t change the looks, i’ll do that the 2nd LR. Well, lemme do these stats and skills right, feats even because one never knows if it’s good for something.
I complete the re-leveling on the Wind ship and quickly go back to my guildship to go to House J to talk to Kruz again.

Aarrggggg!!! He says i need to wait 1 week before i can LR again because i just underwent a reincarnation!?!?! Oh noes, my Ekei, she’s gymp now…..

Guildies feel sorry at first, but then i hear some grin: “Okay Ekei, have fun this week and we’ll see you next week!” But but….no way i’m giving up now, lemme check if i can fix something. Or, well, yknow, i may have saved it a lill because i did take some important feats and skills. Somehow i had this  feeling to not randomly lvl up but at least get the wiz and rogue skills needed. Yay!
Time to get my enhancements done so i could play some more this week. Taking the AM route this time. And because Ekei’s 1st life was Cleric we decided to go conjuration. Yay for AM Grease and Web spells!!!! Oh how i can grief my guildies now for making fun at me! That’ll teach em! But not now, all this LR sh!t has taken up all my playtime so i’ll get the rogue gear another day and do some test drives.

On my weekly day off i decide it’s time to get Ekei back in shape. Being a european morning it was very quiet in guild so i could do my thing without others poking around at me. Seemed my rogue didn’t have much lower lvl gear saved up xcept for some +5 thieves tools. Off to the AH to check gear. I’m so glad not all argo players are gold hurders. I find all the gear i need for cheap and feel happy.
Now’s the real test: Get her into a quest to see how she does at traps. And if you know i hate soloing you could feel my pain. Allright, straighten the back, get a pocket cleric to spam heals and DV’s and find a quest with enough traps at a bit below lvl. Via google i find a site that has quests and number of traps listed just for the purpose of grinding trap parts. Hah! That’s a good list i can use! And lookie, The Church and the Cult is just below my lvl (9) and has traps to practise my newly aquired skills! Jump in my boat Miranda, we’re sailing off!

As a TR i can open on Hard (being Premium i can’t open elite 1st time) but i decide to do normal. It’s for testing purposes! I’m even far enough over lvl to not break my BB, and it’s just me, noone can see me!
The first part is just the random kill monsters, no problem. Then comes the hallways with traps. SPOT! You feel danger is near. Oh boy! My spot is working at least. Now search……yes! Working aswell. Now comes the biggest of all tests: Disabling the trap box. Park my hire around a corner just to be sure i don’t kill her if i would blow the box. But it goes well, i did it! Ekei is gooooood!! 😉
I complete the quest without any problems, so i’m confident about this messed-up build and soon-to-be uber wiz/rog.

That evening i log on again to see what guildies are doing. Seems like 2 others (known as Bare and Richard) are doing Threnal and ask if i want to join em. For sure! And we don’t need a rogue, i can do traps now!
We go and run some eastern excavation quests (yes, we’ve met Coyle too, he’s still hanging around there, being the PITA as usual).  My rogue skills are still doing fine, allthough i’m a bit over lvl again, but we’re running elite so that’s close to perfect.

Next test before the +1 LR planned this monday would be GH quests, specificly Crucible. I wonder how Ekei will do in there…….


2 thoughts on “LR-ing my main

  1. Don’t quote me on this, but I *think* I read somewhere that a plussed LR does not let you change your first level, only subsequent levels.

    Do you still have your +1 HoW? (‘Cuz I recently used a +5 GHoW on my pure rogue, saving the free LR, and as soon as I talked with Kruz and selected the HoW option, I had a notification of “used item: HoW” [or something like that] and it disappeared from my inventory.)

    If only they would always do what we want and not what we say (or choose, as the case may be)…

  2. @Comic i think you’ve misread that then. I can’t find anything about that in the Wiki (and Wiki is like God!).
    The hearts are only available in subsequent levels though, +1, +3, +5, but that means you can change 1| 3|5 levels per reincarnation. But you get to decide at what level you want to change the class.
    And yes, i still had my HoW when i logged back in, it hadn’t taken that, it had taken me to the Free LR first. Or i did make the mistake after all…..

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