Ekeis reincarnation and how a new life began

Many moons had come and go, Ekei the Cleric had grown old and tired. Chasing around others to aid them constantly had become dull. She felt her times of glory were long gone and something new was waiting for her.

She had found a True druidic heart and upon researching it she discovered this was all she needed to end her old life and start a new one. Finding the one to bring this heart to was an adventure on its own, but when she finally reached the old druid in the beautiful garden, a very calming feeling came over her. A feeling that softened her worries of leaving behind old friends.

When she opened her eyes she didn’t know the place she was on. It was a ship, but one that she had never been before. But it wasn’t just the ship that was new, she herself felt new again. Her body young and ambitious, her mind eager to learn.
The druid’s magic of reincarnation was completed and Ekei was ready for her new journey as a magician of the arcane power.

After picking up some basic pieces of gear she stepped off the ship and set foot again in Korthos. The old town she remembered well enough from her previous life. But it felt different this time. She knew the place, where to go, and even some old friends in the tavern were still there telling their stories. That is where she picked up the information of Korthos still being under attack by the Sahuagin people and the threat of dragons.

But unlike her previous life, she didn’t have her dear friend with her to protect her. She was on her own now. Her new life made her feel young and ambitious, but her heart was still the same. Lonely without friends around her. So she went out to the streets to search for new friends.
That is when she noticed some people had this blue sparkle around them. She hadn’t noticed that before on her old life. She went to the sea shore and looked into the water, seeing her reflection in it. And the same blue sparkle. That must be the sign of reincarnation, she thought to herself. She turned around again to watch the people and noticed this young musician playing his lute. He had the sparkle as well. Ekei kneeled down beside him and not long after that they had a nice conversation going. The musician told her he was waiting for his friend, an artificer, to arrive to go hunting the island.  He invited Ekei to join them and she gladly accepted with a smile.

Together they went out and freed the island of its enemies once again. The place hadn’t changed at all, and she actually enjoyed being out there with her new friends.
After that they set foot on the ship to the harbour, to see how that place looked after so many moons. Neither had that changed. The enemies still scaring the Stormreach inhabitants.
Her new arcane mind put to use to defeat the enemies. But slowly she also noticed her new friends had a different pace. Maybe it was because it wasn’t their first reincarnation, or just because she simply enjoyed looking around, listening to other peoples stories and enjoying the views and nice things the harbour had to offer. She didn’t know for sure, but she did know she wouldn’t be able to keep up with them for long.

With pain in her heart she told her new friends not to wait for her. She wold miss them, maybe even see them in a tavern every once in a moon, but she would be lonely again.

After sitting a long night at the tavern listening to all the tales she heard a group of 3 youngsters talk about their adventures. Obviously they were on their first lives. But they made her smile, hearing the exciting tales the youngsters shared. She offered them a drink as she sat with them and they listened to her stories about her old life and how she started anew. Maybe they couldn’t see the blue sparkle around her, but they surely felt the aura around her.

The youngsters talked to her as if she was their queen, and deep inside Ekei felt special. And then, early in the morning, she would give them her word of trust while they made the vow to serve her.
A new friendship was born, but this one was of a different sort. She now had minions that would serve her while she would provide all her knowledge to their gain.

A new life had started…..



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