non-DDO related update: Crap week at January continues…

It has been a while since I tweeted about a crap week at work. Today I can finally give an update: Crap turns into Shit. The merge of companies I talked about back then is still not final, but the building we are located at has been rent out to another company, meaning we have … Continue reading


DDO – MTO When I logged into DDO the other week I found 3 guildies getting ready for A Relic Of A Sovereign Past on their lvl 14 TR’s (a bard, a monk and a wiz). Luckily I got asked to join them on my gimpy 1st life clonk. They put up an LFM for … Continue reading

DDO and Neverwinter

DDO and Neverwinter I’ve been playing DDO since September 2009 (yes, I’m one of those “Free? I’m in!” cheapers) and love it deeply. DDO is the first MMO for me, so I had to learn everything about playing an MMO from scratch. But that was okay, if something hold’s my interest I want to learn … Continue reading